Frequently Asked Questions

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

How do I complete a return or exchange?

Create a ticket with Strava Support and include your order number and reason for return or exchange. If you are a US resident, Strava will provide you with a free return label to send back to Strava. US and International customers, please send returns and exchanges with a filled out return form ( located on your packing slip) to Strava Returns: 27801 Avenue Scott, Valencia, CA 91355

How long does it take to see my refund?

A refund can take up to 14 business days before appearing on your credit card statement, depending on the issuing bank and/or billing cycle.

How long will it take for my exchange to be processed?

Your exchange will be processed within 72 hours of being received. If you have questions on the status of your return, please reach out to our support team.

Premium Codes

How will I receive my Premium code?

Upon purchasing Premium from the Shop, you will be sent a code via email.

How do I redeem my Premium code?

Visit the link below and click on “Have a gift or promo code?”. Enter the code to complete redemption. Redeem Premium Code Here


Can Strava help find the right product or size for me?

Yes. Contact Strava Support if you have any questions on sizing or what product is right for you. We’ll sort it out.

How long do I have to make a return?

Strava will allow returns within 90 days of purchase so long as the product is in usable condition.


As an International Customer, will I have to pay Customs Fees?

To allow international sales, we are not able to cover the cost of international taxes and duties. These costs vary depending on the country, so please check with your local post office to see what the fees are in your area.

I live outside the US. How much is shipping for my country?

International Orders
Less than $100  $ 25.00
$100 or more  $ 20.00
$200 or more  $ 10.00

*While we strive to provide the most competitive shipping rates for our international customers, there are a few countries which require use to increase our shipping pricing to ensure the packages can be delivered. Please see below for a list of these countries.

Country Flat Shipping Cost
ARGENTINA  $ 34.00
ARUBA  $ 70.00
AUSTRIA  $ 35.00
BOLIVIA  $ 46.00
BOSNIA  $ 70.00
BRAZIL  $ 67.00
CHILE  $ 43.00
COLOMBIA  $ 39.00
CROATIA  $ 49.00
ESTONIA  $ 39.00
HUNGARY  $ 34.00
MACEDONIA  $ 39.00
NIGERIA  $ 40.00
POLAND  $ 38.00
PUERTO RICO  $ 30.00
ROMANIA  $ 45.00
RUSSIA  $ 53.00
SLOVENIA  $ 38.00
TAIWAN  $ 30.00
THAILAND  $ 31.00
UKRAINE  $ 54.00
URUGUAY  $ 37.00
ZIMBABWE  $ 35.00