Strava Orange Bar Fly

In your favorite color


The Strava Scoop

  • Clean mounting for Garmin Edge devices ( Works with Edge 200, 500, 510, 800 & 810 )
  • Delrin plastic is carbon bar safe
  • Comes with Tate Labs’ lifetime replacement policy
  • Not ideal for mountain biking as it puts the device in a somewhat precarious spot

Strava Employees Say:

  • I simply love the Strava Bar Fly. Having the Garmin mounted just in front of the handlebars makes the display so much easier to see, and makes it safer to peak down at the display while riding. The Garmin sits flush with the top of the bars for a seamless and aerodynamic mount. The Bar Fly is easy to use, is compatible with many Garmin models, and is even convenient to switch between bikes. A must have!Placeholder Elle E. Strava Employee, Cyclist
  • I’ve used both the Barfly and Barfly 2.0. The original is great, but I love the new design of the 2.0 which makes your device flush with the stem. Working at Strava I am constantly going back and forth between the 510 and 810 on my bike. The 2.0’s dual mount makes it easy to swap devices without making any adjustments to the Barfly or handlebars. The fact that it comes in Strava orange is a huge plus! Placeholder Jon D. Strava Employee, Cyclist

Product Overview

The Bar fly 2.0 is the next generation of Garmin mounts made by the folks at Tate Labs. This orange version is available only through Strava. The Barfly 2.0 takes a more low profile design that places the Garmin Computer screen in line, out front, and level with the handlebar/stem. Whether you are using the Garmin 200/500 or larger 510/800/810, the Dual Mounting Position is optimized to ensure your device sits close to the handlebars with no adjustments needed. In addition, the 2.0 has a platform for Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS electronic shifting modules on its underside to help keep the wire setup clean. For 31.8 mm handlebars only.

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